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By Anton Padmasiri

Wealth managers are fighting to empower their clients with financial security and equitable access to high-quality products and services. And they are losing this battle due to the costly, inefficient, and non-digital friendly technology solutions available today. We are excited to bring the much-needed upgrade to the wealth tech industry, to accelerate digital adoption and innovation. With WealthOS, wealth managers can start helping their clients achieve their goals today when it matters.

As a part of this mission, WealthOS raised $800,000 in seed funding for the development of our cloud-native core wealth management platform. WealthOS has attracted investment from current and former senior executives of some of the world's leading asset management firms.

We will use the funds to build upon the private beta launched in late 2020 to have a production-ready, UK focused platform capable of supporting an end-to-end wealth proposition, by end of the year. We intend to have our first live client on the newly minted platform along the same timeline.

Anton Padmasiri, co-founder, and CEO:

“I know from personal experience how prohibitively costly and time-consuming it can be to build high-quality digital wealth products on top of wealth tech platforms offered by the established players. They are clunky and unsuited for the digital age. Over the last year or so of talking to the wealth management industry, it’s evident that the frustration is shared widely but alternatives are non-existent.

I'm delighted that we have attracted an amazing group of investors who share our vision of harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to increase access to high-quality financial services to the masses and I can’t wait to unveil the production-ready platform later this year.”

About WealthOS: Founded in 2019, WealthOS is a tech startup based in London, UK. The WealthOS team consists of product specialists and technologists with over six decades of experience at leading financial institutions such as Fidelity, London Stock Exchange Group, Smart Pension and Russell Investments.

WealthOS' modular SaaS platform and its highly granularized, feature-focused API endpoints leverage the latest cloud technologies - serverless computing, for example. This will make available to the global wealth management and retail investing sector the upgraded core technology that injects significant speed, agility, and cost-efficiency to launching and running digital value propositions.