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Analogue technology impedes innovative digital adoption and transformation whether you’re a startup or a multi-billion dollar organisation. No amount of money can buy you agility to experiment and iterate. WealthOS develops the next generation of wealth management infrastructure, where the boldest ideas in wealth management can be brought to life.

Comprehensive feature set

WealthOS is a comprehensive recordkeeping system with a core of the fundamental components required to run a modern, and compliant digital wealth value proposition of any flavour. Around this core, other key feature modules orbit, such as engines for tax wrapper rules, portfolio and rebalancing, custody and the fees and billing to name but a very few.


Instead of just putting on-prem monoliths on cloud machines, WealthOS is one of the first, fully cloud-native and serverless wealth platforms. Our infrastructure removes a huge amount of time and cost from set-up, maintenance (including costly upgrades) and consultancy. Enabling you to focus resources on building great digital products.


We believe the key to an elegant digital experience is the ability to combine atomic features into appropriately sequenced, automated workflows. Think “1-Click Buy” from Amazon, where the basket, checkout, payment and delivery steps are all strung together behind a single click of a button.

WealthOS brings this seamless orchestration to wealth management!


Our benchmark for a great digital features is the ability to go from concept to release in quick time and continuously refine until it's perfect. Our REST APIs enable digital features to be conceptualised, tested and released in record time and our WebSocket APIs enable features like in-app push messages, email and text notifications to be implemented fast. Our Unified API also allows you to frictionlessly connect other applications to our platform, letting you build digital wealth products that are part of today’s world of interconnected consumer experiences.


Automation is not just about cost efficiency. Behind all great digital experiences is the speed of response which can only be achieved through a high level of automation. It’s also critical for reducing risk in heavily regulated industries. As a platform born in the cloud era, WealthOS automates all features as a standard requirement – not an additional enhancement.


Digital and automated workflows require different specialist software to work together. KYC/AML, payment gateways, securities data providers to name but a few. WealthOS cuts the cost and time to build these integrations with our no-code marketplace of integrations. Just choose your preferred vendor, switch the integration on and make your workflows run end-to-end in minutes.

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WealthOS Platform Overview
Core Modules

Core modules consist of the fundamental microservices needed to administer a modern, digital wealth management product

Additional Modules

Additional modules consist of feature modules that can run entire value-adding functions around the core wealth management value chain

Core Modules

Core modules consist of the fundamental microservices needed to administer a modern, digital wealth management product

Allows you to create and maintain investor reference data including relevant personal data and tax information. Depending on the jurisdiction, relevant regulatory frameworks and validations will be overlaid to ensure compliance.
Facilitates what we traditionally view as a user's “account” within a product. WealthOS' pots structure gives you the flexibility to maintain multiple pots within a single tax-wrapper. Each of the pots can have different investment strategies or portfolios and, yes, it is possible to have joint pots between different users (subject to tax wrapper rules permitting, of course)!
Transaction Management
The ledger of everything - this module manages the orchestration, execution and recording of all cash and security transactions executed by WealthOS. It also records any transactions executed externally and ingested to WealthOS. For example, a share dividend was recorded by the external custodian, it will be ingested real time or on a schedule and client records updated.
Payments & Transfers
The gateway for money in and out. This module manages the processes for getting cash into and out of investor pots on a one-off or recurring basis. And handles the workflow for transferring cash and assets between providers. The total package - it also integrates with external payment and transfer gateways to automate the process.
Trade Order Management
The executioner - manage the end-to-end trading lifecycle for securities orders by creating and routing them to trading and fund management systems or custodians automatically. An order can be real time for quick execution or aggregated on a scheduled for cost and operational efficiency.
The wallet - maintains up-to-date record of cash and securities holdings within investor pots. Based on transaction activities, the platform also maintains the status of these holdings (for example, cleared, pending, settled). Never fear, for each security, book costs and cost of holdings will also be maintained.
Securities & FX Data
The universe maintain all the securities data for the assets offered within your proposition and automate the data refresh process by connecting to one or more data providers. You can also maintain the FX data required to support multi-currency capabilities.
Additional Modules

Additional modules consist of feature modules that can run entire value-adding functions around the core wealth management value chain

Tax Wrappers / Financial Products
Leverage the tax man's benevolence - this module enables the compliant administration of tax efficient products for investments to be held in, in accordance with locally applicable business rules. Examples include ISAs and Self-Invested Personal Pensions in the UK, and IRAs in the US.
Portfolio Management & Rebalancing
Show off your stock picking skills, define and modify portfolio templates along different themes and continuously update them to stay ahead of the game. Attach portfolios to pots and monitor them for deviations from the template so you take action. Rebalance pots in bulk - as a oneoff instruction or on a schedule to bring them back to target.
Don't miss a thing - scheduled and on-demand reporting capabilities on investors, holdings, and transactions for review, operational procedures and submission for compliance requirements.
Custody Features
All the features and integrations that you need to perform your regulatory custodial duties like stock and cash reconciliation, corporate actions processing, regulatory reporting and more.
Get paid! - compute and recover all types of fees. The module will support flat and tiered based fees on assets, amount based fees, transaction fees, taxes and levies as well as any ad-hoc one-off amount based fees.
Multi Currency Features
Speak in different currencies - This module supports maintaining cash in multiple currencies within pots, managing conversions, the ability to have different base currencies for pots and settle trades in a security's native currency.
Documents & Communications
Communicate - create regulatory client communications and discretionary communications. Your branding and style flexibility is fully supported along with electronic dissemination of all your communications.
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